Salon = A magazine AS art not ON art.

Nearly 40 years ago Gerhard Theewen founded Salon magazine with contributions by both known and unknown young artists. Between 1977 and 1982 eleven issues were published. A special retrospective twelfth issue appeared in 1992 and a reprint of all the issues was compiled in two volumes in 2008. In the spring of 2016 Salon magazine was revived and again it has no texts or essays but presents artist’s contributions created especially for the magazine. Each issue of Salon consists of the components graphic design (No. 1-10 Theresa Holstege, No. 11-20 Julia Majewski), cover motif (Peter Piller) and artist’s contributions.

Salon Magazine No. 18
With contributions by Martin Assig, Stephan Baumkötter, Boris Becker, Julia Bünnagel, Moritz Frei, Claus Dieter Geissler, Ilana Halperin, Lenia Hauser, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Mischa Kuball, Christine Moldrickx, Horst Münch, Chris Newman, Peter Piller, Uwe Rachow

Salon Magazine No. 6
With contributions by Peter Piller, Felix Adam, Martin Assig, Johannes Brus, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Sharon Kivland, Jürgen Klauke, Imke Lohmann, Steffen Missmahl, Ulrich Moskopp, Ulrike Möschel, Ulrich Pester, Peter Piller, Eva-Maria Schön, Marcel Dzama, Maik & Dirk Löbbert