Remember Studio

In today’s world everybody uses their phones to record, some more others less, some share it others keep it privately, but it’s something intrinsic in our culture. With this in mind the goal of this project is to understand how technology affects the way we perceive an exhibition, the exhibition from Wolfgang Tillmans. Since this exhibition is sort of a representation of the Studio of Wolfgang Tillmans and what role that space and everything on it plays in his work, I decided this would be the perfect exhibition to be at the centre of the project. To do so, I interviewed different people, who were at the exhibition during the Gallery Weekend to find out everything they remember from that moment. The interviewees were found through their exhibitions’ posts on Instagram and the interviews took place via E-mail or Skype. This series of interviews represents 12 personal views on the exhibition during the Gallery Weekend and tries to understand what people remember and whether the act of recording it stands in the way of what they remember.

[Excerpt from project description by Rita Sabbo].
Interviews with Laura Ammann, Jan Christensen, Alexander Coggin, Philippe Gerlach, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Roman Moriceau, João Rizek, Roberta Schwarz, Romain Sellier, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Nat Urazmetova, Sophie Yearly.