A fine layer of dust on the surface. Scattered pinpoint fly spots visible upon very close inspection. Evidence of light wear on the cylindrical supporting element. Subtle indication of cockling between the interior and exterior edge on the left shortest edge. Minor traces of faint soiling marks in some areas throughout. Scuff marks towards the lower left quadrant. Stable craquelure adjacent to the central right edge. Hard and soft creases and undulation on verso. Extremely short and unobtrusive cracks to the uppermost tip of the central cut. An area of oxidation on the corresponding exterior edge. Slightly faded colours to the proper left front corner. A linear abrasion twelve inches from the top. Some very faint and unobtrusive pale drip accretions along the turning edges and corners. Significant foxing and tear approximately one inch from the upper right end. A line of bleeding above the trunk in the center. Two faint linear pigment transfers running parallel at one inch on either side of the text. One very bent bottom corner. Possible drips of varnish in places elsewhere. Spots of lightly discolored pitting at the extremity of the lower right facet. A tiny speck of blanching to the underside. Not visible when installed.